Sweet Pepper-Tomato-Wine Ragu with Orecchiette

Sweet Pepper-Tomato-WIne Ragu with Orecchiette



Fry the garlic, onion, sage or basil, habanero, and maple syrup, in 4 tbsp olive oil, on medium heat until golden brown. Add the chopped tomatoes and sweet peppers and cover with a lid, adding more oil if needed. When they start to soften, after 5-10 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients.

Start the pasta. Save 1/2-3/4 cup of the finished pasta water (after straining) and put it to the side. You may need it for thinning the sauce.

The sauce will need 45 minutes to an hour to really bring the flavors to a peak. Continue to stir it this entire time, keep it on low to medium heat, cover with the lid, and slowly add more pasta water when needed, as it will evaporate. You may not need to use a 1/2 cup, but see how it goes and taste it often. You don't want to dilute it too much but also don't want it to turn into a paste.

When the sauce is slightly sweet, bold, and the color changes to more orange than red, puree it in a blender or food processor and return to the pan on low heat for ten minutes, stirring it often.

Add the strained pasta to a skillet and toss a cup or two of the sauce in. On low heat, fold them together a few times, then pour into bowls and serve. Top with my vegan Parmigiano, recipe link in post above.