Rainbow Dish; Coconut Basil Pesto, Pistachio Quinoa, Squash Cream

Rainbow Dish; Coconut Basil Pesto, Pistachip Quinoa, Squash Cream

Yields: 4-6 people



Cook the quinoa and cover it when it is almost done, or still firm. Let it steam the rest of the way. Add the pistachios.

Steam the cauliflower and optionally steam the red pepper, or eat it raw.

Steam the butternut squash for the sauce and for the plate, or buy it prepackaged, already raw and cubed.

As the above ingredients are getting prepared, use this time to make the pesto and squash sauce. Blend the ingredients for each sauce and put them to the side. Be sure to use a quality canned coconut milk or cream, that is organic and pure, with no sugars or preservatives. The ingredients should read that they contain nothing but coconut milk or cream, but guar gum is ok if it has that. Put the cans in the fridge first so that the coconut cream and water separate and you can use them as is.

Assemble the dish with the quinoa on the bottom, the vegetables on top, and drizzle the pesto and sauce atop. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.