Cashew-Basil Parmigiano

I’ve made the nut free Parmigiano, but here is the basic version of that made with cashews. Most vegan cheese recipes will call for cashews, because they have a great texture, flavor, and really lend that cheese consistently well. I like to add basil because that way I am getting 2 in 1 shot; I always put fresh herbs and Parmigiano on all my dishes so better to combine them. A sprinkle of this can transform any pasta, rice, or grain bowl, to have that extra bite and taste.

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Cauliflower Alfredo

I often try to find alternatives to nuts for use in cream sauces. I love using cashews, almonds, coconut, or other nuts and seeds as a base, but sometimes they are heavier than I want, and I’d rather something light. Cauliflower has a versatile flavor that absorbs many of the flavors you mix it with, and this cauliflower Alfredo truly does not have an overwhelming vegetable flavor to it. It is thick, creamy, decadent, high in fiber and minerals, and low in calories, and could even be used as a dip or spread. Plus, the recipe does not call for much oil as the base is binding, so it’s a healthy, light option to top your plate with.

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Broccoli-Cauliflower Cream Quiche

Decadent, delicious, creamy, fluffy, moist. The list of adjectives could go on for this quiche. It is one of those meals that, despite how indulgent it tastes, you could eat two or three slices and still feel like it’s not weighing you down. This recipe is pretty easy, too. And, it has a very cheesy flavor from the nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. You’ll see why this quiche can top the non-vegan quiches any day of the week.

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Pear Cream Bowl

This pear cream bowl is surprisingly rich and lightly sweet. I love pears because they are low in sugar, high in fiber, and I can buy them organic for a good price. The taste is clean and refreshing, perfect for a summer cool down.

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Ginger Cream Roasted Vegetable Plate with Paprika Chickpeas

This ginger cream is one of my favorite all time sauces and is great on just about anything. Don’t let the looks of this plate intimidate you from making it. It’s really not that hard. Like most of my dishes, all you need is a blender for the sauce, and to do some basic sautéing etc. This dish is so pretty that you may want to make it for a special occasion. It’s satisfying, full of a variety of flavors, and spicy. All it takes is breaking it down into a few steps; boiling the quinoa with the carrots; roasting the carrots with the sweet potatoes; frying the shiitake mushrooms; sautéing the chickpeas; and making the sauce. Now, let’s start.

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Blueberry-Avocado Nice Cream

Happy to see that it’s blueberry season, and they are everywhere at half the price I usually pay. When I buy berries and bananas, they go right in the freezer. I wash the berries off first and remove any stems. I wait until the bananas are ripe and the skins are brownish, peel and chop them in thirds, then I place them in big freezer bags. This is how I make my nice cream smoothie bowls, just throwing some of the frozen ingredients in the blender with a fresh peach or pear, orange, avocado, etc. It’s that easy, almost, except for coming up with just the right combination.

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