Beet-Orange-Strawberry Sunrise

Beet, strawberry, banana, orange. I never thought a beet smoothie could taste so delicious. I was looking for a way to use up all my beets and accidentally came upon this combination. It’s a great way to mix vegetables and fruits while still tasting good, and it’s extremely filling and cleansing. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right vegetable-fruit combinations in smoothies.

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Rainbow Dish; Coconut Basil Pesto, Pistachio Quinoa, Squash Cream

This may just be the prettiest dish I’ve ever made. I didn’t even want to scoop from it and ruin the work of art that is was, but it tasted so good that I soon forgot. There are so many things I love about this rainbow dish. Most obvious would be the colors. I LOVE colorful food. Second would be that every bite is a little different; some have a firmness from the pistachios; some have the soft quinoa with the smooth coconut basil pesto; some have the cauliflower and vegetables; and some have the sweet squash cream. What I like most about it all, as usual, is the sauces. I believe that anything can taste great as long as it has an amazing sauce, pesto, oil, or other topping.

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Sprouting Quinoa

Sprouting is one of my favorite things to do. You might not understand the pleasure in seeing those little tails form until you’ve actually done it. The greatest thing about sprouting is that it’s easy, healthy, and delicious. While there are so many things you can sprout, sprouting quinoa is a good start. My other favorite thing to sprout is lentils. So, why sprout? Here is why;

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Apple Oat Bowl

Smoothie bowl ideas are priceless in my book. The more you check mine out, and make your own, is the more you’ll get to know how to pair fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, together to make delicious bowls. Pairing isn’t the easiest thing. I’ve put some ingredients in mine that didn’t go well, consistency or taste wise. These healthy bowls are better when they look good, taste good, and have just the right texture. That can be tricky. Apple oat bowl is great because it has all the wonderful apple and cinnamon flavor, but thick like ice cream.

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Chia Cheesecake Bars with Matcha Frosting

I was thinking the other day of how I could make a cheesecake that’s not made of nuts or coconut. Then, by accident, I made such a huge amount of chia pudding and didn’t know what to do with all of it, so I blended it and put it in the freezer. It came out delicious, and I knew I had the recipe I needed to make these chia bars. They are like creamy ice cream, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Raw, healthy, full of goodness, easy to eat right from the freezer.

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Squash Cream Sauce Fettuccine

Squash is great for blending into sauces, soups, and even mixed with fruit in smoothies. Similar to pumpkin and sweet potato, it has a natural sweet flavor and starchy texture that go well with so many other foods. Squash and pasta are a great combination. This squash cream is rich, healthy, low in oil, low in calories, high on flavor, and so simple to make. It doesn’t get any better than this squash cream sauce, trust me. Pour it on any dish, bowl, or as an alfredo over pasta, as I have made it. Now, let’s cook.

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