Next Gen Vegan Burger

This vegan burger is as good as it looks and better. The greatest vegan burger you’ll ever have. It has a meaty texture, stands up bite after bite, and is loaded with protein and fiber.  Burgers like these are the burgers of the future, and that’s why I’ve named it the next generation burger. In future years we will see beef burgers, made from cultured meats and grown in labs, take over the meat industry. They will taste the same as meat and be identical in chemical make up but not come from an animal. My taste for meat is gone so I don’t think I would enjoy it. I prefer burgers like this, and if you make it you’ll understand why. It tastes clean and leaves you feeling light and nourished.

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Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl

Pumpkin smoothie bowl with dates and banana. This is probably the most filling smoothie bowl you’ll ever eat as the pumpkin will keep you satiated for hours. The consistency is so rich and creamy, so decadent, comforting yet sweet. You can also add frozen pumpkin (freeze cubed chunks of a steamed pumpkin or freeze canned pumpkin puree in a tupperware container) and it will make a great ice cream.

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Date Smoothie Bowl

Dates are too good to pass up. I’ve seen a wave of date smoothies over the internet that look mouth watering. They make everything rich, caramel like, and just the right amount of sweet and texture. Making a date smoothie bowl is a better way to enjoy it and make it last than a smoothie, in my opinion. Check out my date butter if you want it creamed and on hand.

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Lentil-Quinoa-Teff Chili

If you haven’t heard of the Ethiopian staple grain teff, then look it up, and try to order some online or find in a market near you. Bobs Red Mill brand sells it in most markets and health food stores. It’s such a versatile and meaty grain, great for soups, breads and baked goods, vegan meatballs and burgers, pancakes, salads, bowls, raw foods, etc.

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