Lentil-Quinoa-Teff Chili

If you haven’t heard of the Ethiopian staple grain teff, then look it up, and try to order some online or find in a market near you. Bobs Red Mill brand sells it in most markets and health food stores. It’s such a versatile and meaty grain, great for soups, breads and baked goods, vegan meatballs and burgers, pancakes, salads, bowls, raw foods, etc.

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Mango Banana Bowl

This stuff is mango and banana sunshine in a bowl. Blending yellow and citrus fruits always tastes great. You can easily find frozen mango and pineapple at most markets, add your own frozen bananas, and even some lemon and orange. If you can get passionfruit and other exotic fruits, add those too! Starting your day like this feels so indulgent, but it’s guiltless, nutritious, and full of all the necessary vitamin, enzymes, and minerals that we need from fruits.

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Coconut Strawberry Balls

Raw. Quick. Filling. Nutritious. Coconut, oats, dates, antioxidant packed strawberries, almonds/walnuts,and coconut oil. Everything in here spells clean energy that will last you all day and provide fuel for an active lifestyle. You can make a huge batch of these and keep them in the freezer and just take a few as you go. Don’t let their size deceive you, they are packed with good fats, whole grains, and protein.

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Eggplant Pesto

One of the tastiest and spur of the moment dishes I’ve ever made. I only had a few things in my fridge and that was all I needed. Many of the ingredients in this dish are my favorite foods; eggplant, spinach, peppers, jumbo rigatoni, and pesto. I steamed the eggplant first before i cut it into slices and fried it with a dash of Herbs de Provence, an herbal blend you can find at any supermarket in the seasonings aisle. Everything went together beautifully, and if you love these flavors too then do not hesitate to make this improvised Mediterranean dish.

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Creamy Date Butter

This date butter will taste amazing right out of the jar, frozen, on or mixed into anything. I even use it as the base for raw/baked cookies, frostings, cakes, brownies, on toast, in ice cream, smoothies and smoothie bowls, etc. Dates are perfect, healthy sweet, caramel like, and with a thick fulfilling texture. This stuff is heaven in a jar.

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