Chocolate Avocado Tart

Easy. Mouth watering. Fudgey. Decadent. Moist. Healthy. Creamy. High in nutrition and good fats. Satiating. Chocolate avocado tart is all of this. It has a short ingredient list, tastes fresh and light, and needs no cooking. Need I say more? Just look at the pictures. Let’s talk about avocados and chocolate.

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Tomato Bisque (5 minutes, 5 ingredients)

I love these simple soup recipes I’ve been coming up with in a pinch. Tomato bisque with added almonds is such an easy recipe. The weather is getting brisk and making warming food is a necessity. All I do is put the vegetables of choosing in the blender with marcona almonds or cashews, vegan bouillon, a little water or unsweetened almond milk if needed, and blend. This tomato bisque was so very easy because I used a large can of crushed tomatoes, so cook time was next to nothing. Need a quick dinner, or even a sauce over a quinoa or pasta bowl? Try this sweet and creamy tomato soup.

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Spicy Pumpkin Alfredo Farroto

Farroto bowls are my version of risotto. I really like the dense texture of farro and how filling it is. This pumpkin alfredo is creamy, healthy, light, and could be spread on just about anything; pasta, toast, pizza, as a dip, etc. I used fresh steamed pumpkin because it’s that time of year where pumpkin is plentiful. Alternatively you could try canned pumpkin, or use steamed butternut squash or sweet potato. This recipe is also extremely simple. Let’s start now.

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Sweet Potato Brownies (GF made with Chickpea Flour)

I can’t urge you enough to bake these chocolatey, moist, healthy, and absolutely tasty sweet potato brownies. The sweet potatoes lend a perfect consistency with the cocoa, and the chickpea flour tastes clean, light, and is fluffy (and gluten free). If you think you are skimping on flavor with these healthy treats, think again; there is no match, and no compromise. You are getting nutrition AND deliciousness all in one. Now, lets talk about the benefits of cacao and sweet potato.

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Vegan Lasagna with Garlic Cream

This is such a hearty and warming vegan lasagna, layered with butternut squash, eggplant, and summer squash, smothered in tomato sauce, and topped with a generous portion of garlic cream. Lasagna may seem like one of those complicated dishes, but it’s actually not. There are a few steps which may require some time, but the finished product can feed a good number of people and give them a main course to look forward to. I made this and a salad and it fed five of us perfectly. There wasn’t a crumb left, to everyones dismay. Pasta, lasagna, and other noodle/rice/grain dishes are so easily veganized and taste so much better with the flavors of fresh vegetables, and a clean, tangy olive oil. My vegan lasagna recipe will break everything down in detail, with pictures for you to cook with ease, and to get a rough eye in case you want to improvise. Enjoy.

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Tortilla Cake

The tortilla is a traditional breakfast dish in Spain. It is a large quiche like pie made with eggs, potatoes, and olive oil. I knew when I saw it that I could veganize it with chickpea flour and tofu. And it came out incredible! This is a light and fluffy tortilla cake with the great savory flavors as a Spanish tortilla, minus the eggs, and completely healthy. Feel free to add more tofu scramble to the inside and make it heavier if you want it moist. You could also improvise on the veggies added. This is such a wonderful year round dish, for breakfast, or for a side to your lunch or dinner. Dip it in herbs and olive oil, pesto, tomato sauce, or vegan butter. I felt satiated for hours after eating it and my friends devoured it pretty fast. It was a hit, don’t miss out on this easy recipe.

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