Fried Shiitake Carbonara

Fried Shiitake Carbonara

Yields: 2-3 servings



Start boiling the pasta water with a bit of salt and olive oil (linguini and long pasta tends to stick to eachother and the oil helps it not to).

Take the mushrooms and wash them. Cut them in halves or quarters. Next, dip and roll them in the tapioca flour generously and put them in an oiled cookie or brownie pan with a little bit of water on the bottom. Dash some salt and pepper on them. Broil for 10 minutes or until they are golden to brown and crispy.

Make the carbonara sauce while the pasta (stir it with a fork regularly so the strands don't stick) and mushrooms are going. Blend all ingredients (except for the basil) until it's a cream, add salt and pepper to taste, then add the basil last and pulse it or blend on low to medium for a few seconds so there are chunks and it's not a green whip.

Strain the pasta but leave the pasta water behind, add a tiny bit to a skillet with the finished al dente pasta and cream sauce and stir on low heat until it's all hot. Make sure you start small with the pasta water until you get the right consistency for the cream sauce. You can also add it to the carbonara in place of the nut milk and it will work great and get the sauce hot. Remove the skillet after a minute.

Add the fresh peas last and toss. Place the pasta in a bowl and top with a few mushrooms. Garnish with fresh basil and pepper and serve. Enjoy!