Soaked Oats in PB Date Cream

What happens when you mix peanut butter, coconut oil, and dates in the blender, then top that with banana over soaked oats? Something really incredible tasting, but you’ll need to actually enjoy this yourself to know. 1-2-3 you could be having this for breakfast all week. Soaked oats are one of my favorite breakfast foods.

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Dragonsbreath Bowl

I call this dragons breath because it’s SO spicy. I got sick the other week and had a really hard time fully kicking it. I knew that I had to whip out the lemon ginger cayenne, and juice. But I didn’t feel like juicing them this time, so I tried to incorporate them into my foods. This is what I came up with. I added some grapefruit and banana and it was much more enjoyable than downing a shot of lemon ginger cayenne juice. Every morning for a week I skipped my regular coffee (which was really hard) and cleansed with this bowl instead. Not only can this be a cold-prevention treat, but it will also burn fat, reduce inflammation, enhance circulation, increase metabolism, and improve gut health and digestion. I had more energy and strength from this than I get from my coffee, and it’s delicious and filling.

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