Tomato Walnut Pesto and Spaghetti

Experimenting with different pesto ingredients is my specialty. Tomato walnut pesto is creamy, rich, succulent, raw, low in oil, high in healthy fats from the walnuts, and spreads beautifully on sandwiches, over pasta, and as a dip. I love this pesto so much and I always run out of it too fast. It takes a minute to make…let’s start now.

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Nut-Free V Parmigiano

Now that I’ve discovered this vegan Parmigiano I can’t go without it. I used to love hard Italian cheeses so much. When I was growing up we always had an entire wheel of Parmigiano and Pecorino and my mother shaved it off fresh for our meals. I’ll admit that it was something I missed when I first went vegan, especially because of the saltiness, but I used nutritional yeast flakes to replace it which I also love. This recipe is perfection. The ratio blend lends to cheese flavor and does not taste like sunflower seeds or nutritional yeast. It is soft, healthy and high in good fats, great on all foods, from pasta, salads, rice, to asian dishes as well. There are no rules, use this on everything. If you have 3 minutes, make it, now. You’ll see how good it is…and please leave a comment how you like it 🙂

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Silky Vegan Butter

Vegan Butter. Tastes great. Healthy. Inexpensive. No palm oil. No hydrogenated fats. No hormones. 3 ingredients. Let this replace every butter you use and always keep it in your fridge. This recipe is quick and easy enough for you to make large batches and store, and does not taste like coconut oil, olive oil, or cashews. Tastes like butter!

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Creamy Date Butter

This date butter will taste amazing right out of the jar, frozen, on or mixed into anything. I even use it as the base for raw/baked cookies, frostings, cakes, brownies, on toast, in ice cream, smoothies and smoothie bowls, etc. Dates are perfect, healthy sweet, caramel like, and with a thick fulfilling texture. This stuff is heaven in a jar.

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