Sweet Pepper-Tomato-Wine Ragu with Orecchiette

Orecchiete, meaning little ears in Italian, is one of my favorite pastas. These little ears hold sauces in their pockets and have a dense bite to them. I really wanted to feature this pasta so that you can get a generous portion of the ragu with each bite, rather than using string pasta where it can fall to the bottom of the bowl. I’ve made this ragu before in a farro dish, but this recipe is just a tiny bit different than the other one, and spicier, for all the heat lovers like myself.

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Rainbow Dish; Coconut Basil Pesto, Pistachio Quinoa, Squash Cream

This may just be the prettiest dish I’ve ever made. I didn’t even want to scoop from it and ruin the work of art that is was, but it tasted so good that I soon forgot. There are so many things I love about this rainbow dish. Most obvious would be the colors. I LOVE colorful food. Second would be that every bite is a little different; some have a firmness from the pistachios; some have the soft quinoa with the coconut basil pesto; some have the cauliflower and vegetables; and some have the sweet squash cream. What I like most about it all, as usual, is the sauces. I believe that anything can taste great so long as it has an amazing sauce, pesto, oil, or other topping.

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Freekah/Brussel Sprouts in Lemon Ginger Cream

This one truly had me at the first bite, and it will be the same for you. Creamy lemon, ginger, almonds, and sesame seeds, blended into a smooth, rich sauce that is tangy, spicy, and rich. The roasted brussel sprouts and freekah add a comforting element. This is a bowl you will want to sit and enjoy, take it slow, savor every bite, and be free of distractions while eating. That means no phone, no movies, no talking. That’s how I do it when I want to enjoy a meal.

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Sage-Sweet Pepper Ragu Farroto

My twist on risotto made with farro= farrotto. I’ll be making a lot of these farrotto bowls. I prefer farro to rice due to its firm texture, its larger grain, its ability to satiate quickly and nutritiously, and its versatility in absorbing flavors. This ragu is chunky and hearty, and goes great with the farro. It’s smokey and rich, with tomatoes and sweet peppers stewed in a generous portion of red wine and olive oil, blended with fresh sage.

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Spinach Artichoke Cashew Dip and Spread

Need a delicious dip/pesto/spread to put on literally anything? This is it. And it’s just a few ingredients…ready in 5 minutes….half raw…lots of iron and chlorophyll rich spinach..and absolutely mouth watering. Nothing beats the flavors of artichoke and spinach combined. I served this warm with some pita chips and everyone loved it. It’s healthy, light, creamy, bursting with flavor, and simple. Spinach is such a great superfood that I think I need to talk about it here.

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