Chickpea Bolognese

This chickpea bolognese is a hearty, rich tomato sauce that will add so much flavor and bite to your pasta, or anything else you top it on. The chickpeas provide the perfect consistency and texture, and are such a great meat substitute because they are tasty, high in protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Unlike many of my other sauces, this one doesn’t require any fresh tomatoes. The nature of it is meant to be thick, so I used canned tomatoes and paste. A scoop of this goes a long way. And, you may be able to fool a carnivore or two with this sauce, or at least show them how delicious and cheap using plant based foods is as an alternative. What I also love about this dish is that it’s twice as filling, given the nature of the chickpeas and the tartness of the tomato. A great meal for kids, but also beautiful enough for adults, dinner parties, and at home solo.

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Lavender Blueberry Biscotti

Another biscotti recipe, and they just get better and better. This is my first time using culinary lavender, and I’m so impressed with the results. The lavender is not overpowering, but light, sweet, refreshing, and complementary with the blueberries and a glass of lemonade. I almost didn’t bake this morning because it was so hot in my apartment, and I didn’t want my kitchen to turn into a sauna. But, I really wanted to try out the lavender in biscotti. Just think of the smell of lavender and the taste of blueberry…and that’s how smooth these are. De-stressing while I eat on this sunny Saturday that I get to lounge around with my cats. This recipe is very low in sugar, easy, and healthy.

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Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera, or ‘spring’ pasta. This is a traditional Italian dish that is full of fresh vegetables, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. It’s perfect for the warm weather because it’s light. My recipe has some sweetness from the cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers, and fullness from the spinach and basil. It’s the perfect combination, and so simple to make. You don’t need a lot of ingredients to whip this up. Pasta Primavera is a not only a great spring dish, but refreshing for any season.

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Butterfly Dish; Roasted Vegetables with Beet Butter

This dish is unique, clean, and simple. I adore the look of it, and without realizing I plated it in the shape of a butterfly, hence the title. It covered my need for color, beauty, and taste. I got the idea for the beet butter from a French restaurant I went to years ago. They didn’t have much vegan food, so our server had the chef prepare something special for me. I don’t know how she/he made it, but it was a similar dish of vegetables in this beet puree sauce that was slightly sweet. I decided to go with beet butter to add extra richness and flavor.

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Kale Caesar

Vegan kale Caesar. How often have you ate a salad and thought of how satisfying it was? I eat many salads, but only once in a while do I eat one that I want seconds and thirds of, and am content with no other course than that. It’s all about the dressing, and you’ll see that I’m all about that, the sauces and pestos, too. This here is one of those salads that you’ll never tire of.

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