Fudgey Amaretto Brownies (Gluten Free)

I’ve been really looking forward to adding these delicious vegan brownies here. The thought of these fudgey squares gets me craving another batch already. Amaretto is the perfect accompaniment for chocolate. You could add almond extract as an alternative, but if you can get amaretto then I highly recommend it. A little bit about these gooey fudge packed squares; they are dense, moist, super chocolatey tasting, rich, healthy, and can cure any sweet tooth for at least a few hours. I’m crazy about this recipe. You will be too. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of cacao.

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Kale Caesar

Vegan kale Caesar. How often have you ate a salad and thought of how satisfying it was? I eat many salads, but only once in a while do I eat one that I want seconds and thirds of, and am content with no other course than that. It’s all about the dressing, and you’ll see that I’m all about that, the sauces and pestos, too. This here is one of those salads that you’ll never tire of.

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Omega Avocado Dressing; Pumpkin Seed-Chia-Almond

This avocado dressing with added pumpkin seeds, chia, and almonds, will provide you with the healthy fats you need for the day to feel satiated, energized, and focused. It’s creamy, light, soft, refreshing, and delicious. Perfect over any dish, bowl, sandwich, or salad. Keep this dressing on hand, it will go fast.

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Tomato Walnut Pesto and Spaghetti

Experimenting with different pesto ingredients is my specialty. Tomato walnut pesto is creamy, rich, succulent, raw, low in oil, high in healthy fats from the walnuts, and spreads beautifully on sandwiches, over pasta, and as a dip. I love this pesto so much and I always run out of it too fast. It takes a minute to make…let’s start now.

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