Cherry Drop Cookies (gluten free)

This has been my first post back after a few long weeks of moving into a new apartment here in Brooklyn. My new place has a great garden that I’m already enjoying with my cat, Sonny (pictures of him coming). I also have a bunch of potted herbs going, and some cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers that I’ll be excited to add in my dishes soon. Feels really good to be getting a much needed fresh start. Summer has been very positive so far, though I’ve missed posting my recipes. And, there is nothing better than a simple batch of healthy cookies to break in my new oven.

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Tumeric Chocolate Swirl Cake (sweetened with stevia)

For all the health food-chocolate addict-tumeric lovers out there (hope it’s more than just me!), this here is the cake for you. Turmeric Chocolate Swirl sugar free vegan cake. That’s something that get’s my attention. This cake is so rich, moist, soft, fudgey, flavorful, fluffy, decadent, oh yea, AND healthy.

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Freekah/Brussel Sprouts in Lemon Ginger Cream

This one truly had me at the first bite, and it will be the same for you. Creamy lemon, ginger, almonds, and sesame seeds, blended into a smooth, rich sauce that is tangy, spicy, and rich. The roasted brussel sprouts and freekah add a comforting element. This is a bowl you will want to sit and enjoy, take it slow, savor every bite, and be free of distractions while eating. That means no phone, no movies, no talking. That’s how I do it when I want to enjoy a meal.

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Cherry Chocolate Bowl

I look forward to getting out of bed just to enjoy my cherry chocolate bowl. Whenever I buy cherries, this is on the list for the morning after. Cherry chocolate is one of those combinations that reminds us of indulging, but this bowl is healthy. Freeze it and re-blend it to make an ice cream. Drink it. Spoon it out of the bowl like I do. Any way you eat it, you’ll love it.

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Butterfly Dish; Roasted Vegetables with Beet Butter

This dish is unique, clean, and simple. I adore the look of it, and without realizing I plated it in the shape of a butterfly, hence the title. It covered my need for color, beauty, and taste. I got the idea for the beet butter from a French restaurant I went to years ago. They didn’t have much vegan food, so our server had the chef prepare something special for me. I don’t know how she/he made it, but it was a similar dish of vegetables in this beet puree sauce that was slightly sweet. I decided to go with beet butter to add extra richness and flavor.

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