4 Superfood Ball Recipes

4 Superfood Raw Ball Recipes

Yields: 25 balls



Mix all the base ingredients in a food processor until it is flour-like and pour into a bowl. Ration a half cup of the base into 4 bowls and add the contents of each mixture in to the separate bowls. Mix each batter and roll into balls. Everything should roll up easy, but if it's too wet then add some extra coconut shred/almond meal/oats to your hands for rolling. If it's too dry, add an extra tbsp syrup or coconut oil, but do not add water or vegan milk as that will just make it loose and overly wet. You could also add jam or mashed fruit which will make them a little extra sweet. They will harden up at room temp due to the cocoa butter and coconut oil, so feel free to refrigerate them or freeze them as they taste best cold. If you want to bake them then put the balls on a cookie sheet and bake at 350F for 10 minutes.