4 Ingredient Veggie Burgers

Yields: 8-10 burgers



Cook the sweet potatoes, let cool completely, then peel the skins off and mash with a masher, a fork, or your hands. Do NOT put in the food processor. It will be very easy pull the skin off after they are cooked.

Cook the brown rice or have it ready.

Take the beans and throw them in the food processor. You don't want them to be whipped, but a thick mash with pieces, like refried beans.

Mix all the ingredients together and then store in the fridge until the contents are cold. Put the flour on a large plate and use it to help you form the veggie burgers. Cover each side with more flour then throw in a skillet with oil. They will brown after a few minutes on each side.

When you cut the burger, do not cut it with the bread but cut the bread and veggie burger separately and then place together. When it's warm it will squish out the sides. Enjoy!