Beet Brownies

I never thought that I would bake brownies as often as I have in the last few months, but here it is, another brownie recipe. Brownies are one of my favorite desserts, so my goal is to make them as guilt free as possible, or to at least try, hence these beet brownies. Why not add superfoods to the recipe, to make them nutritious? Beets are a good addition, and so versatile for adding in all types of sweet and savory recipes, juiced, blended, or shredded. Here they are pulsed with walnuts, to add extra density to the mix. They don’t overpower the flavor of anything you mix with it, but bring moistness and consistency to so many foods. And they really complement the chocolate flavors. These brownies are so totally melt in your mouth fudgey and soft. If you’re a brownie or chocolate lover, then try these out.

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Mediterranean Pesto

This Mediterranean pesto is a blend of some of my favorite foods; spinach, green olive, artichoke, olive oil, and cashews. It is hearty, thick, warming, and blends so easily with any dish. Of course, I love it on pasta, but use it as a spread or dip as well. The recipe calls for a generous portion of spinach, getting those raw, chlorophyll rich greens in your meal while keeping everything decadent and yummy. It’s all about making food that tastes good, and is healthy, so that you never feel as though you’re being deprived.

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Lemon Tahini Cream Sauce Quinoa and Veg Bowl

The sauce truly makes the dish. Keep them on hand and pour over any bowl, salad, or pasta dish. This simple lemon cream sauce is light, lemony, refreshing, and healthy. Sauces like these are made in a pinch, and all you need is a high powered blender to cream everything together. They use raw ingredients for the most part, and you can mix and match with some ingredients and it will still come out great. Quinoa bowls are a great way to get a filling and nutritious meal, topped with stir fried or even raw vegetables, they are simple and delicious.

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Lemon Almond Cake with Chocolate Stripes

Every once in a while i find an occasion to make a cake. Cakes are great for sharing with others, because nobody wants to risk eating the entire thing by themselves! But I enjoy the baking, and I enjoy finding some great combinations, and being able to have a slice and enjoy the rest with friends and loved ones. This lemon almond cake has such a rich caramel flavor from the sucanat that I used, which is an unrefined and nutritious cane sugar sweetener that tastes a lot like brown sugar. Sucanat is high in vitamins and minerals, but can be substituted out in equal measure in this recipe if you prefer another sweetener, though I recommend finding some at your local health food store to experience its unique flavor. And the chocolate sauce adds just the right spicy kick, and softness to the moist lemony center. This cake is easy, healthy, and full of flavor and smooth texture. Wonderful for any occasion.

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White Bean Pesto

Once you figure out how to make a basic pesto, and what is compatible with what, you will be able to intuitively whip up so many more delicious variations from that. White bean pesto is great tasting, thick, high in protein and healthy fats, filling, and incredibly well textured. The white beans, or cannellini beans, don’t have an overpowering flavor, so the basil is able to slightly dominate with its rich and bold flavor. As usual, I made this to blend with pasta, but you could use it as a dip, spread, or over a grain bowl. If you are making it with pasta, save a little bit of that leftover pasta water after straining so that when you add the pesto it will help be less dense and can spread with ease over the wet pasta. That’s a good rule of thumb with many thick pestos or toppings, as the pasta water is smooth and has a nice flavor, it won’t dilute.

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Quinoa Bowl with Broccoli Sauce and Roasted Veg

Quinoa bowls are part of my daily regime. I always have a big container of cooked quinoa in the fridge, and all I have to do is get the vegetables and sauce prepared and put it all together. It’s a great way to incorporate raw and cooked vegetables, legumes or plant based protein, nuts, and even seeds, in a healthy and delicious way. The key is making a great and quick sauce for the quinoa bowl. You can also look under my sauces and pestos category and choose a sauce from any of the recipes there. It’s easy to put them together and make them colorful and exciting. This one has a creamy sunflower seed-broccoli sauce that is nutritious, filling, and warming.

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